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The culture at our Greenwood Village dental office is always light-hearted, with fun conversations, giggles, and grins around every corner. We’re family-friendly, never making you or someone you love feel rushed or like they’re just a dollar sign in our eyes.

We don’t believe in treating patients unlike the one thing that we all are and that’s a person. You’re someone’s daughter, mother, brother, father, cousin, aunt, with life experiences to share just like everyone else. Part of how we deliver dependable, honest general dentistry in Denver is relating to you on a human level, one-on-one without pushing treatment plans or unwanted procedures.

Centered on Your Health. Focused on Your Smile.

We care so much about your oral health because we know deeply it’s connected to your overall health. As your trusted Greenwood Village dentist, it’s our job to make sure to understand how they two are related so that coming to the dentist every six months for a checkup makes more sense and seems less of an inconvenience. It also helps you want to take excellent care of your smile at home with regular brushing and flossing.

We want you to have a little fun at the dentist, and maybe realize that sitting in the dental chair isn’t so bad after all. From the time we see our youngest patients to our more seasoned members of our dental family, we care about you as a person, not just another set of teeth that might need some dental work.

Quality Work. Compassionate Care.

When you trust us for your general dentistry in Greenwood Village, know that you’re joining a family at Macri Dental where you should always feel at home. You’re also in a safe environment where you can trust you’re getting top-notch dental work that your smile needs, not just because it’s recommended. We want you to feel comfortable to make informed, educated decisions about your dental care because we care about keeping you and your smile healthy enough to last a lifetime with us at your side.

Learn more about what general dentistry services we can provide for your smile. Prevention is the best medicine and that’s what we want for every patient.

Comprehensive Exams

A comprehensive exam from Macri Dental is your ticket to continued excellence in oral health. We provide a thorough checkup every six months, looking at everything from:

  • Abnormalities inside your mouth, on your face, or on your neck
  • Your periodontal or gum health for signs of disease
  • How your gums, throat, cheeks, and mouth look in terms of oral cancer

We’ll generally spend some time to gather safe, effective digital x-rays of your mouth and head. This helps provide us all of the important information we need to know to create a customized treatment plan without any unnecessary procedures. During your exam (no matter if it’s your first or fiftieth), this is your time to talk to Dr. Macri about any concerns or questions you have about your oral health. There’s no such thing as a silly or irrelevant question when it comes to caring for your smile. Go ahead and ask away. It’s all part of the comprehensive examination experience at Marci Dental in Greenwood Village.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer affects millions of Americans every year, yet it’s often one of the most undetected types of this disease. Now you know why it’s more important than ever to regularly see your general dentist in Greenwood Village for your bi-annual checkups. Every time you visit us, we conduct a visual/manual inspection for oral cancer. We’re on the lookout for:

  • Redness or swelling
  • Bleeding gums
  • White patches or lesions
  • Recurring issues or bumps that won’t go away

Dr. Macri is highly trained and skilled at knowing what to look for when it comes to detecting oral cancer. You want a Denver dentist like him on your side because oral cancer has a tricky way of showing up in your soft tissue not necessarily looking like cancer. If you’re in need of a checkup, oral cancer screening, and a cleaning, Macri Dental has you covered. Call us or message us today to get scheduled!


We talk a lot about how technology has revolutionized the way your general dentist in Greenwood Village can care for your smile. One of the biggest advancements occurred years ago with the announcement of all-digital x-rays. With much lower radiation exposure for both our patients and our team members, it was really a no-brainer to make the switch. Compared to the old school, traditional film x-rays, digital is far more superior.

– Digital x-rays – This type of x-rays is more health-conscious and environmentally-friendly than other x-rays. It uses much less invasive, smaller bite plates in your mouth for bitewing and biteblock digital x-rays. You and your dentist get immediate results that can be stored and transferred electronically with comfort and ease.
– Dental Cone Beam Tomography – These high-tech, 3-D x-rays courtesy of our CBCT provide an even more in-depth look at what’s going on inside your teeth and below your gum line. We rely heavily on this type of imaging to help us prepare you for your precise dental implant placement or restorative dentistry.


You know that extra clean feeling you have when you leave our Greenwood Village dental office after a hygiene visit? Your breath feels so fresh. Your teeth are so smooth. You feel so healthy. That’s the power of a good dental hygienist and general dentistry in Denver.

Our hygienists love working with patients like you because they really do love caring for smiles of all ages. With their training and experience, you can relax in the dental chair knowing that you’re in good, highly-skilled hands during every visit to Macri Dental. If you know us, then you know how much we love dental technology. That’s why we’ve equipped our hygienists with Cavitron® tools. This leading-edge ultrasonic scaler uses a steady flow of water to wash away plaque, tartar, and other debris stuck on your teeth. Say goodbye to grinding and scraping with metal tools. You’re going to have a cleaner, healthier smile in no time!

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal or gum therapy from your general dentist in Greenwood Village could actually save your life? Think it all sounds like dental drama? Think again. Numerous new studies and research has shown that there’s a direct correlation between your oral and overall health, particularly your gums.

  • Heart disease and attacks
  • Stroke
  • Low birth weight or premature birth
  • lzheimer’s and dementia

At Macri Dental we rely on lasers to help get your gums back in good health. With something called “laser bacterial reduction” can precisely and more easily remove unwanted materials. We also use something called Oracare® which is a rinse you can use to rid your mouth of gum disease with an added bonus of teeth whitening too! Gum disease should never go untreated. We can help get your gums healthy to protect you and your teeth for a lifetime of smiles.

Fluoride Treatments

Watch out! Your smile is under attack every day from everything to the food we eat, the beverages we drink, and the way we choose to care for our teeth. There are so many little things throughout the course of one day that can wreak havoc on the integrity and stability of our teeth. What’s left behind is a smile that’s vulnerable with unwanted staining and discoloration. Enter fluoride — Your Greenwood Village general dentist’s secret toughening tool.

In dentistry, there are widely varying opinions about fluoride treatments and if they’re actually necessary. (If you want to learn more, you can always Google it.) We see the validity in recommending fluoride treatments to every adult and child as needed, but it’s ultimately your decision — the same with moving forward with any recommended procedure. Your Macri Dental team uses a special fluoride varnish so there’s not waiting to eat or drink following treatment!


Who knows you and your smile better than your Greenwood Village general dentist? So, why wouldn’t you come to us to create a comfortable, custom mouthguard? Sure, you can head into any sporting goods store in Denver and find a whole selection of boil-and-bite options. However, you and your smile deserve something better with your dentist’s seal of approval. We offer mouthguard options for both on and off the playing field.

– Sports mouthguards – The special treatments. The fillings. The bonding. The orthodontist. All of the care you’ve put into keeping your little one’s smile healthy can be at risk if they’re playing sports without proper protection. Let us create a custom mouthguard that won’t interfere or interrupt with winning instead of losing.
– Nightguards – Have you ever been told you show signs of bruxism? What this means is that you grind your teeth, most likely at night while you’re asleep and you don’t even know it! Your teeth can become super sensitive and worn down. A custom nightguard will help you rest easy and protect your smile from grinding.


Relax, and feel safe with anesthesia options from Macri Dental. For more information, please visit our Sedation Dentistry page.

Emergency Care

No emergency is usually a good emergency, and the same can be said of the dental variety. Emergency care at our dental office in Greenwood Village is something we take seriously, because we don’t want anyone — current patient or not — to be in pain. You didn’t do this to your smile and you don’t deserve to struggle in discomfort any more. Macri Dental is where to help.

First things first, you need to call us as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid or nervous about talking to us, especially in the event of an emergency in your family. The longer you wait to get help, the greater the smile damage could be. We generally see emergencies such as:

  • A trauma or accident involving your mouth
  • Severe decay and breakage
  • Infection that’s painful and spreading
  • Dental discomfort that can no longer be dulled by regular pain medications

We’ll do everything possible to get you into our Denver dental office as soon as possible when you call for emergency care. Please know that we’re an office that’s always here for you — especially in an emergency.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea treatments are gaining more traction as more people become aware of this dangerous disease. What makes sleep apnea so scary for kids and adults is you may be waking up close to one hundred times every night, gasping for breath, and not even have a clue you’re doing it. The end result is the next day you’re always left feeling groggy, in pain, like you have a dry mouth or sore throat, and even depressed. That’s not how you’re supposed to feel after a good night’s rest!

At Macri Dental, we can assess the level of sleep apnea and also help you find a sleep doctor or specialist who can help you with a proper diagnosis. If you’re a patient who’s already been diagnosed and you’re living with sleep apnea, we may be able to help you too! Dr. Macri can create a custom snore guard that you wear at night to help open up your obstructed airways. You’ll breathe better, sleep better, and feel better.

Make Macri Dental your home for family dentistry. We laugh while we love smiles.

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