Oral Surgery

Surgery of any kind is usually not something we want to hear that we need to consider from any healthcare provider, let alone your Denver dentist. However, there are times when it’s actually going to be your best option for renewed oral health and maybe you’ll need less dental work down the line. The thing about oral surgery is this: Dr. Christopher Macri doesn’t recommend oral surgery to patients unless it’s absolutely necessary and in the best interest of you and your smile. We go out of our way to protect and preserve as much or as many of your natural teeth as possible, but sometimes it’s best if you have a troublesome tooth removed altogether.

Dr. Macri is both a tooth-saver and a real life-saver because he can extract most teeth in the office, so you won’t need to wait to have your work done by a specialist. However, for more challenging cases where wisdom and bony impacted teeth are present, we might have to work in partnership with a trusted oral surgeon who’s local and loved by patients. Worrying about oral surgery and waiting to fix your smile issues can make things worse. Schedule a consultation today so we can give you back your healthy smile for a better tomorrow.

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