Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal or gum therapy from your general dentist in Greenwood Village could actually save your life? Think it all sounds like dental drama? Think again. Numerous new studies and research has shown that there’s a direct correlation between your oral and overall health, particularly your gums.

  • Heart disease and attacks
  • Stroke
  • Low birth weight or premature birth
  • lzheimer’s and dementia

At Macri Dental we rely on lasers to help get your gums back in good health. With something called “laser bacterial reduction” can precisely and more easily remove unwanted materials. We also use something called Oracare® which is a rinse you can use to rid your mouth of gum disease with an added bonus of teeth whitening too! Gum disease should never go untreated. We can help get your gums healthy to protect you and your teeth for a lifetime of smiles.

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